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Whether you’d like to create or expand your business, transform your relationships, have more ease with showing up and being seen, unlock your capacities with the spirit world or change your financial reality, our 1:1 empowerment coaching is for you.


Through the use of the Access Consciousness tools, together we will empower you with pragmatic  questions and processes to unlock what’s keeping you stuck and keeping you from being and having all of you, to creating a life that’s truly limitless!

Because you are truly unique - so are your requirements. Let's connect via a discovery call!

This is where we can chat about your desires and future requirements. You may like to choose a once off call, or a series of calls and in person sessions.

Our Creative Empowerment Coaching packages can be formulated around;

1:1 Empowerment/ Clarity calls (in-person or via Zoom) + Access Bars / Energetic Body Process Sessions (if you are Christchurch / South Island based).


Direct access to me in between sessions where you’ll be able to connect, for support and share you as you change and expand.


Additional bonuses including personalised homeplay and clearing loops to further contribute to the change you’re asking for.

Recorded sessions so you can go back to listen time and time again and receive even more unique change.

So if you have any questions or are curious, let's chat!
Our Discovery calls are free, no - obligation calls, so let’s see if we vibe and if what I offer is what you desire, and going to be a contribution for you and
 your unique journey. 

what they're saying

Kate has been such a gift in my life. Her facilitation is gentle yet very potent and in just a few moments she can help me shift and change things I have been stuck with for years and all of the time, with total kindness. My financial reality and business relationships  dynamically changed when I chose Kate’s mentoring sessions. Thank you Kate, there are truly no words for what you have, and continuously contribute to my world.

Gail. Queensland, Australia

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